About Tanya-Danielle

Tanya-Danielle Gillis started nursing in 1989, and has worked in medical/surgical areas, as well as high dependency units; cardiothoracic; orthopaedics; neurology; mental health; and nursing management.

In 1994 she worked with the Department of Child Protection (DOCP), doing educational classes (for almost two years); educating parents in strategies for children’s behaviours; as well as emotional and mental well-being. Until the funding was pulled out of the program.

With the success of the educational programs and demand, she decided to start ‘C.A.R.E.S for You’ Business in 1996. Providing programs in communication skills, dealing with stress, anxiety, depressive thoughts; and tools that assist the individual to enhance their personal and professional lives. She currently runs three successful workshops: Free Yourself; Really Relating; and Managing children’s behaviours. Her ‘word of mouth’ is very strong, gaining many referrals from professionals and people who attend her workshops/seminars/clinic.

Her main passion is the sub-conscious mind and its effects on the body and emotional states. She focused most of her time studying past/current models of therapy, as well other alternative modalities to gather a deeper awareness, knowledge and appreciation on its power; and in assisting the people on a greater level.

TD has her own private practice, in seeing individuals with all sorts of concerns and/or difficult circumstances. And developed the “Gillis Method©” after working with many individuals that felt stuck, trapped and despondent.

Tanya-Danielle (TD) has won business awards for achievement and excellence in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 from Belmont B.E.C. And nominated again in 2013, 2014 and 2015. She was awarded the Karl Farrell Inspiration award in 2009. Not to mention nominated in 2011 and 2014 for the Business Woman of Year Awards from Telstra.

TD has also development two Rt and Lt brain activating system CD's, in which stops the internal dialogue of head, reducing chaotic thinking and improving emotional states. And hopes to continue doing research about the sub-conscious mind; and its effect on individual’s behaviour and emotional states.

Current Role:

Founder of C.A.R.E.S For You, consultant, educator, and speaker

Current Membership Affiliations are with the:

  • Institute of Mind Behavioural Science (IMBS)
  • International Institute For Complementary Therapists

Cares For You Core values:

  • Respecting the Uniqueness and Qualities of Individuals
  • Building Rapport, Trust and Understanding
  • Passion for Personal Development and Transformation
  • Pursuit for Innovation and Uniqueness
  • Contributing to the Community
  • High Priority in the Building of Genuine Networks and Alliances

Purple Bra Day

TD Gillis does 100 presentations on “Mind Wellness: Feeling Great about Self” for gold coin donations. Supporting Breast Cancer Foundation of WA, Purple Bra Day.

“A very big thank you to everyone who supported my big challenge of 100 presentations, what a feat!  And special thanks to Bunnings (Subiaco) who donned on their purple bras for day, and those who made donations Coles Innaloo, the girls at Office Works Innaloo, Joondalup Hospital, Hollywood Private Hospital, Mount Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, Kind Edward Memorial Hospital, Get Funked Hair Studio, West Coast Hi-Fi (Osborne Park), SunMoon Resort, Cares For You clients, and the list goes on.” TD Gillis

YMCA HQ is about effecting positive change for life in young people.

"Thank you so much for your Professional Development day. Its benefits will be ongoing. You have been both an inspiration and brilliant educator for our team here at the Y. Many, many thanks Greta YMCA HQ Leederville

"The YMCA is great team who truly do a lot for our youth, for more information go to www.ymcaperth.org.au

Awards Night

Tanya-Danielle Gillis from Cares For You was nominated and humbly accepted the Karl Farrel Inspiration Award (2009) at the recent Belmont Small Business Awards.

“A big thank you to Carol and the team at the BBEC who did an outstanding job in organizing this event, well done!

It was a great pleasure to meet with Sylma Cabrera, TCF WA/design edge Fashion Incubator who is an inspiration herself.

And congratulation to the other nominees and award winners.” TD Gillis

Mount Hospital Theatre Staff

Thank You to all the staff who participated in “Mind and Emotional well-being” professional development day.

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What people are saying...

Children's Behaviour Workshops

“I finished my work with TD approx 7 years ago where I came from a very depressed state to now living a happy, healthy life, and am grateful to the Psychologist who suggested I see Tanya Danielle. As a Grandmother now, I have learnt the new tools in TD’s Managing Children’s Behaviours Workshop of empowering the children in a new way of up-bringing. I utilize these tools when I look after my little ones and am 'gob smacked' how my grandchildren not only understand them, but like them. They have very clear boundaries., and they love it. All the disputes are resolved very quickly. I love them and more importantly, because my grandchildren get to make a choice at all times, I watch as they grow in an empowered way not an old way of "you will do as you are told"

~ Ramona, Grandmother

Free Yourself Workshops

I am so grateful I did attend, IT WAS LIFE CHANGING! Tanya-Danielle is truly amazing in what she has discovered and how she gives you great insights but simple strategies to change things around.

I refer to the manual often that she gave me and I keep getting stronger and more fulfilled.

All my family, work colleagues and friends have noticed the difference in me. It has also allowed me to better deal with my patients.

This workshop is something you need to experience to know it is very different and what it does to you is just extraordinary!

There is nothing like it out there.”

~ Kim (MD) WA


Please note the private consultations is based on a current waiting list, and professional referral letters are preferred but not necessary. Always make sure that you continue seeing your current medical or health care provider, as Tanya-Danielle can work with your provider. Providing a team approach and assisting in getting you the best results.