Really Relating Relationships

Are you struggling in your relationship or want to enhance your relationship? Get the relationship you deserve!


This workshop will give you the real life tools, guaranteed to open new depth, connection and love in your life. So, are you ready to take the steps towards happiness and fulfillment?

Before you consider registering for this workshop, let’s talk about the benefits so you can feel confident about dealing with relationship issues.

All Cares for You workshops are thoroughly researched and based on scientific knowledge to evoke long term, lasting results.

Tanya-Danielle (TD) ( Cares For You founder and creator) has 20 year experience working in the hu- man services sector. Originally with a Nursing De- gree and a full Member of the Institute of Mind Be- havioural Science.
Our client satisfaction and results continue to surpass any other training and developmental workshops. We get so many letters/emails/calls and word of mouth referrals.

The workshop is based on HOW we function, the human 'manual' eve- ryone is looking for.

The strategies make Sense.. It’s Fun, Simple and Enjoyable.
Without you disclosing your own personal life story / issues to others. Making it safe, confidential and very informative. Imagine leaving with a resource manual that continues to support you.

For those that are ready, this one day workshop:

  • Discover the three types of relationships you can be in and which one brings you true fulfillment
  • Learn the two different types of intimacy and how to expe-
    rience a deep connection
  • Discover the real essence of what heart centering is and why it’s important
  • Learn the 4 main love languages and how to avoid the miscommunication
  • Discover how to get your needs across, effortlessly
  • Learn how to read your potential partner or partner easily
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and build trust
  • Discover how to deal with the most common intimacy problems. And more!

For more information Call (08) 9245 4170 or 0418 293 826 to get the benefits. This workshop is subject to availability, so register below today.

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What people are saying...

“WOW what an amazing workshop. Years of therapy didn’t do what you did in one day. And I thought there was something wrong with me. You gave me the critical missing pieces. Thank You” ~ Anne (NSW) Accountant

”Thought love would heal all! In our first year of marriage all sorts of issues kept coming up & we were constantly yelling at each other. This workshop is truly amazing! We learned how to be connected, loving & understanding of each other. All couples should do this before they get married ” ~ Jan & Phil

“Tony and I have been married for 20 years and ready for divorce. We had way too many problems that I thought could not be fixed. Until your workshop, you showed us what was happening and how to easily to change it. It is now six months later and we are more in love with each other, than ever before. You are tru- ly a miracle worker & all couples should do this workshop!” ~ Jane (Vic), Vet Nurse

”Definitely worthwhile, the wealth of knowledge changed my life. I didn’t realise how much I was pushing my partner away.” ~ John (Perth)

“When you said that we would walk out of this workshop totally different people, I did not believe you. I am still blown away of how you did that. I’m not angry or resentful any more. Because I know now I can have the relationship that is deep and fulfilling. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.” ~ Matt (W.A) Self Employed

“Simply brilliant workshop! Every guy and girl should do this! As a single guy I was confused what women want and to feel confident in talking to them. AND I was tired of the previous relationships of doing all the work and getting little back. Loved the dating & relationship rules, it made sense and after trying them I am blown away by the responses I get. I feel confident and know I will have a connected and loving relationship this time around” ~ Tim

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Really Relating Relationships

Are you struggling in your relationship or want to enhance your relationship?

Relationship Seminars

For more information Call (08) 9245 4170 or 0418 293 826 to get the benefits.

Or call to book in for a FREE information seminar… Please note: private consultations are based on a current wait list and FREE information seminars require to be registered by phone, numbers are subject to availability.


Please note the private consultations are based on a current waiting list, and professional referral letters are preferred but not necessary. Always make sure that you continue seeing your current medical or health care provider, as Tanya-Danielle can work with your provider. Providing a team approach and assisting in getting you the best results.