Managing Kids Behaviour

Managing Kids Behaviour

Frustrated with dealing with certain behaviours?

Parents/caregivers and professionals that work with children are getting even more frustrated with dealing with certain behaviours and how to effectively manage them. Added to this is what do you do when children are screaming out for help?

How do you effectively assist them and allow them to feel positive within themselves? Positive discipline, personal boundaries, motivation, connection, self confidence, co- operation, and management of emotions are all important for children but HOW do we help them?

You Will Learn:

  • How to help children deal with emotions, fears outbursts and tantrums
  • How to increase co-operation and getting children to work with you.
  • How to adjust behaviours so everyone is happy and they feel a sense of personal achievement.
  • How children recognize love and how to make them feel loved, cared for, and secure.
  • Discover how to enhance their hidden strengths and how to easily tap into them (This one surprises many people).
  • And More!

Tried everything else and still get the same problems. ‘Managing children’s behaviours workshops’ is tried, tested and Guaranteed

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What people are saying...

  • “Shopping with my four year old Troy was a nightmare! The tantrums, tears and carry on was getting too much for me! I really believed everyone thought I was a bad parent. Now thanks to your steps I love going out with Troy and he has become so helpful, that I get strangers complimenting us. Thank YOU.”


  • "I have attended many professional workshops in the past but with limited success, TD has given me the missing pieces. It was simple and she put everything together so I could go back and help many more children and I have! I have seen the eyes of hope and how teen- agers respond to me so differently. Thank You Thank You Tanya-Danielle!"

    Jane, Youth Worker

  • “As a child care worker I have been faced with many behaviours that effect children and I was over joyed to see action plans and steps I took back and tried. Once I had implemented them I saw how easy it was to get back the peace and help children grow. I just loved what you gave us…. It is truly magic! Thank You.“


  • “Dinner times were always stressful in our family, now it is such a joy to hear laughter, sharing and caring at the table. Thank you TD”

    Rachael, Nurse & Mother

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