Welcome to Cares For You & The Gillis Method©©!

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety and constant thoughts that bring you down?
Tried everything else but still feel stuck?

Address Difficult Circumstances!

With 20 years experience Tanya-Danielle Gillis helps you address the difficult circumstances that many people face today; including:

  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting & issues with children
  • Career/job stress/concerns (or direction issues)
  • Self destructive thoughts and fears
  • Emotional stress, anxiety, worry and sadness issues
  • Self value and confidence concerns
  • Past losses and re-occurring issues
  • Constant thoughts, overwhelm and withdrawal issues
  • Anger and frustration triggers
  • Over-eating/overdrinking or feeling shut down

Tanya-Danielle (TD) Gillis founder & creator of ‘C.A.R.E.S For You’ & the Gillis Method©, has 20 years experience in the human services sector.

Originally with a Nursing Degree & a member with the Institute of Mind Behavioural Science.


The Gillis Method©: Tried & Tested!

With one to one private consultations, workshops to information seminars. The ‘Gillis Method©’ is tried, tested and continually being monitored for long term consistent results with clients.

  • Discover the key blockages, triggers and barriers and to over come them permanently.
  • Gain clarity and understanding to why certain behaviours, emotions and past events keep occurring. Stop the paying out on yourself OR others in your head!
  • Overcome anxiety, procrastination, constant thoughts that plague you and self sabotage. Get rid of over-reacting, withdrawal and suppression.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem in getting the right message across. Gain greater connection within yourself and others.
  • Discover your purpose and unlock what you truly love to do. Get rid of the fear that blocks it.
  • Discover the real ‘hidden’ you and gain freedom from past hurts….


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Simple easy and proven steps in bringing out the best in children.


Learn More!

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Holding it together?

Life just getting too much? No one to talk to? The Gillis Method© can help!

Free Yourself Workshop

Private Consultations

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Relationship Issues?

Are you struggling in your relationship or want to enhance your relationship? Now you can!

Relationship Seminars

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Hear from others who experienced the ‘Gillis Method©’ and now have long term permanent results...

What People Say

For more information Call (08) 9245 4170 or 0418 293 826 to get the benefits.

Or call to book in for a FREE information seminar… Please note: private consultations are based on a current wait list and FREE information seminars require to be registered by phone, numbers are subject to availability.

What people are saying...

Children's Behaviour Workshops

“I finished my work with TD approx 7 years ago where I came from a very de-pressed state to now living a happy, healthy life, and am grateful to the Psy-chologist who suggested I see Tanya Danielle. As a Grandmother now, I have learnt the new tools in TD’s Managing Children’s Behaviours Workshop of empowering the children in a new way of up bringing. I utilize these tools when I look after my little ones and am 'gob smacked' how my grandchildren not only understand them, but like them. They have very clear boundaries., and they love it. All the disputes are resolved very quickly. I love them and more importantly, because my grandchildren get to make a choice at all times, I watch as they grow in an empowered way not an old way of " you will do as you are told"

~ Ramona, Grandmother

Free Yourself Workshops

I am so grateful I did attend, IT WAS LIFE CHANGING! Tanya-Danielle is truly amazing in what she has discovered and how she gives you great insights but simple strategies to change things around.

I refer to the manual often that she gave me and I keep getting stronger and more fulfilled.

All my family, work colleagues and friends have noticed the difference in me. It has also allowed me to better deal with my patients.

This workshop is something you need to experience to know it is very different and what it does to you is just extraordinary!

There is nothing like it out there.”

~ Kim (MD) WA


Please note the private consultations is based on a current waiting list, and professional referral letters are preferred but not necessary. Always make sure that you continue seeing your current medical or health care provider, as Tanya-Danielle can work with your provider. Providing a team approach and assisting in getting you the best results.